ULT 2020


Hotel booking website is open:
( LINK )

Depending on your browser, a Japanese-language homepage may appear in the link. In that case, please click "English" in the upper right corner.

In the conference venue, Grand Park Otaru, about 80 twin (and partly triple) rooms will be available. However, there are no single rooms in the hotel, so it will be expensive if one person stays in a twin room. We will accept sharing the room with other participants.

We also keep 10 rooms (each) in the following hotels in the center of the city.
Hotel Nord Otaru ( LINK )
Hotel Sonia Otaru ( LINK ) (Select Language: English)
It takes 7 - 8 minutes from these hotels to the conference venue by taxi (fare: approx. 1,200 JPY).
Other hotels can also be booked on some booking websites. There are also inexpensive hostels (see for example, hostelworld.com).